15 November 2017

PROGRAMAR magazine | The Portuguese programming magazine issue 58 - November 2017

The PROGRAMAR magazine is a Portuguese digital edition with the support of several authors from different areas.

The November 2017 edition is available at https://www.revista-programar.info/edicoes/edicao-58-novembro-2017/.

Contains the following articles:
  • Kernel Panic: Fatal Exception
  • Raspberry Pi Hadoop
  • Running a Java Web Application in Azure, step by step
  • JUnit
  • Create a mobile application with jQuery Mobile
  • Lua - Programming Language - Part 13
  • Types of data int and variants in C language
  • RSS feed in C# .NET Core in the Azure Web App in Linux
  • ESP32 - MicroPython
  • Orchard Musical
  • From List to DataTable in 30 + 2 Lines!
  • Node.js - Web Application Building
  • TypeScript: the modern Javascript for creating applications
  • The Blockchain Revolution - The Technology of the Future
  • Android Application Security
  • Blockchain and Merkle Tree
  • RGPD
  • Sophia, the humanoid
  • Project featured in the PROGRAMAR: Hydriney

I am pleased to have contributed wiht the article "RSS Feed in C # .NET Core in the Azure Web App on Linux" and I invite you to write the next article for PROGRAM magazine (revistaprogramar (at) portugal-a-programar (dot) org).

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