30 December 2017

Azure Friday - Use the Azure portal to answer your billing questions

In this Friday Tommy Nguyen joins Scott Hanselman to discuss Billing in the Azure portal. If you're wondering: "Where do I find a copy of my invoice?" or "How does an Azure service affect my overall costs?" - these questions and more will be answered in this episode, which highlights features in the Azure portal to get cost and billing clarity.

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15 November 2017

Microsoft Certification Prep Sessions 2017

It is normal in Microsoft Ignite to have Microsoft Certification Preparation Sessions this year is no exception and there are available on the Microsoft Ignite official Youtube channel.

Which includes the following sessions:

Microsoft Certification 101 - BRK1034 - https://youtu.be/xTCiGJyymZw

70-532: Developing Azure Solutions - BRK3166 - https://youtu.be/LxAEHnTPFOQ
70-533: Implementing Azure Solutions - BRK3168 - https://youtu.be/dVVU4zQMv-s
70-534: Architecting Azure Solutions - BRK3170 - https://youtu.be/2orAXFfF4_0

70-475: Big Data and Analytics Solutions - BRK3165 - https://youtu.be/vvm1a1PG988
70-773: Analyzing Big Data with Microsoft R | BRK3172 - https://youtu.be/UkzdU63ftUU
70-776: Engineering Data with Microsoft Cloud Services - BRK3173 - https://youtu.be/RH-MDvQiFio

70-698: Installing and Configuring Windows 10 | BRK3163 - https://youtu.be/XVcmzfxpc-M
70-697: Configuring Windows Devices - BRK3171 - https://youtu.be/YNRMLNTwBVM

70-740: Installation, Storage, and Compute with Windows Server 2016 - BRK3174 - https://youtu.be/L8zWO8rij4s
70-741: Networking with Windows Server 2016 - https://youtu.be/0CmTTLxbLmQ
70-742: Identity with Windows Server 2016 - BRK3176 - https://youtu.be/tABTHe24b_Q
70-744: Securing Windows Server 2016 - BRK3177 - https://youtu.be/kPRhFiuyvpY

70-357: Developing Mobile Apps - BRK3161 - https://youtu.be/dMM_jg4EcLk
70-483: Programming with C# - BRK3162 - https://youtu.be/xRiVMQy1qCU

70-346: Managing Office 365 Identities and Requirements - BRK3159 - https://youtu.be/-rrqqg9nHvQ
70-347: Enabling Office 365 Services - BRK3160 - https://youtu.be/n3pPRokc6_Y

70-473: Cloud Data Platform Solutions - BRK3164 - https://youtu.be/YiQQKyUzSJQ
70-764: Administering a SQL Database Infrastructure - BRK3169 - https://youtu.be/XgyrsJWJSdY

PROGRAMAR magazine | The Portuguese programming magazine issue 58 - November 2017

The PROGRAMAR magazine is a Portuguese digital edition with the support of several authors from different areas.

The November 2017 edition is available at https://www.revista-programar.info/edicoes/edicao-58-novembro-2017/.

Contains the following articles:
  • Kernel Panic: Fatal Exception
  • Raspberry Pi Hadoop
  • Running a Java Web Application in Azure, step by step
  • JUnit
  • Create a mobile application with jQuery Mobile
  • Lua - Programming Language - Part 13
  • Types of data int and variants in C language
  • RSS feed in C# .NET Core in the Azure Web App in Linux
  • ESP32 - MicroPython
  • Orchard Musical
  • From List to DataTable in 30 + 2 Lines!
  • Node.js - Web Application Building
  • TypeScript: the modern Javascript for creating applications
  • The Blockchain Revolution - The Technology of the Future
  • Android Application Security
  • Blockchain and Merkle Tree
  • RGPD
  • Sophia, the humanoid
  • Project featured in the PROGRAMAR: Hydriney

I am pleased to have contributed wiht the article "RSS Feed in C # .NET Core in the Azure Web App on Linux" and I invite you to write the next article for PROGRAM magazine (revistaprogramar (at) portugal-a-programar (dot) org).

4 September 2017

BI Data is not BIG Data

Sometimes I come across statements that BI DATA and Big Data are the same thing but it is not and I will simplify it.

Big date is not only a large amount of data is:
  • Volume
  • Variety
  • Velocity
  • Variability
  • Veracity
It is a huge amount of data stored in which they are diversified in which they are generated and processed at a great speed and are available in real time the same must be consistent and high quality.


BI data is extracted information via Extract Transform Load (ETL) widely used in data Warehouse.

4 August 2017


IT PRO IDOL is a set of sessions of new speakers in the technical community IT Pro Portugal I invite you to be on the 30th of this month at the Microsoft premises in Portugal to attend the sessions for free.

If you want to know more you can watch the following video the language is in Portuguese

If you have never presented a session, do not miss this opportunity & nbsp; Fill in the Call For IT Pro IDOL . The community itself helps you improve your session, including some coaching.

If you want to practice your presentation in Portuguese or English you are always welcome.

16 July 2017

Office 365 beware of choosing the domain name onmicrosoft.com

We can test the Microsoft Office 365 service at zero cost with almost all of its features but there is a scramble in using the chosen domain name.

At the end of the trial we can assume that the ID of the internal domain chosen for example test365.onmicrosoft.com is expired after the end of the trial and can be reused later in a new subscription. Well it is not quite like that.

The domain onmicrosoft.com chosen is never expired and can be used later by the global admin subscription to add monthly, annual, or Open License. And it's documented in the Office 365 documentation. The following image shows the Office 365 subscription lifecycle and explains that administrators can always access the subscription even after we received the notification of being deleted the subscription change the stage to deprovisioned.

Source: "What happens to my data and access when my Office 365 for business subscription ends?"

It is possible that another company can acquire the domain name that we had but if we forget the password from global admin user the subscription the only way to recover is to speak with Office 365 technical support by telephone usually the language used is English.

If you attempt to activate a license through the Open license of an account that has already been expired for some time as the following image.

Activation will always inform you that the domain name is being used and you need to choose another domain.

So by testing the Office 365 trial, do not choose names of the organizations where you are working.

5 July 2017

SMB V1 the Drama

For reasons of ransomware SMB v1 is still much discussed because most manufacturers continue to use SMB version 1. Equipment such as NAS, printers to computer applications will not support SMB v2 or 3 because it implies a large financial cost to manufacturers and some even close their eyes.

One of the examples I've had was with Hewlett-Packard (HP) Portugal that neither enterprise support assistance can not give explanations on the subject is always the customer fault because it uses Windows Server and its printers and others are only Windows XP up to 10, good move HP.

NedPyle from Microsoft has made a publication with the title "SMB1 Product Clearinghouse" in which it publishes a list of products requiring SMB v1 and is explicit in its documentation.

It is worth reading and knowing some of the products, you can consult the publication in  https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/filecab/2017/06/01/smb1-product-clearinghouse/

2 July 2017

Azure Web App not found if a custom domain is used

When you add a custom domain to Azure by default, the domain name and the TLD extension are added. The "www" is considered a subdomain so it is when you access a webpage in Azure with www.domain.com it will be redirected to the error page 404 by defined as the following image.

I'll show you how you can add any subdomain to a Web App in Azure. 

First you have to access the DNS management of the domain and create a CNAME (Alias) with the 'www' ID and point to the URI address of the Web App in Azure, for example.

Make sure the new setting has been accepted before you proceed with the Azure setup.

In Azure go to the Web App, select "Custom domains" and then select the "Add hostname".

On the hostname enter the domain with the www subdomain then select the record type "CNAME (www.example.com or any subdomain)" and click the validate button.

If Azure can confirm to validate the "Domain owenership" the option "Add hostname" is active and you can continue with the process.

In the notifications you will receive the information that the new subdomain was added successfully.

You can now try accessing your web app with the www subdomain.

You can add any other subdomain to a Web App that is not required to be the "www". And that's how you add subdomain in Azure Web Apps.

There are Internet browsers like Firefox ESR that already do this compensation internally but not all browsers can do this. For example Firefox on Linux may be able to do the validation but on Windows not and is not an operating system problem. So it is always recommended in any cloud system or another set the www subdomain.

There are changes in the Nano server in the next version/update of Windows Server 2016

There are changes in the Nano server in the next version/update of Windows Server 2016

If you're watching the news from Microsoft already know that Microsoft has published an article on the day 2017-06-19 that there will be changes in Nano Server (Windows Server 2016).

But what are these changes?
Windows Update will have two update options "current branch for Business (CBB) model" and "semi-annual channel" this setting will be update the Nano server two to three times a year and will happen from version 1709.

But it's not all the, Nano server will run as a container like a Docker container and contains the following changes:
  • It has been optimized for .net core applications.
  • Its size has been reduced due to change to the container and does not include Windows PowerShell, .net core, and WMI these already exist in containers.

Source: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/get-started/nano-in-semi-annual-channel

28 June 2017

Petya or Petwrap ransomware (Update: Kill-switch)

The Kill-switch for Petya ransomware has already been found, the company Positive Technologies has published how to disable ransomware here.

To detect the Petya attack in the infrastructure, the following indicators can be used: 
   A task in Windows Scheduler with an empty name and action (reboot) "%WINDIR%\system32\shutdown.exe /r /f"

IDS/IPS rule triggers:

   msg: "[PT Open] Unimplemented Trans2 Sub-Command code. Possible ETERNALBLUE (WannaCry, Petya) tool"; sid: 10001254; rev: 2;
   msg: "[PT Open] ETERNALBLUE (WannaCry, Petya) SMB MS Windows RCE"; sid: 10001255; rev: 3;
   msg: "[PT Open] Trans2 Sub-Command 0x0E. Likely ETERNALBLUE (WannaCry, Petya) tool"; sid: 10001256; rev: 2;
   msg: "[PT Open] Petya ransomware perfc.dat component"; sid: 10001443; rev: 1
   msg:"[PT Open] SMB2 Create PSEXESVC.EXE"; sid: 10001444; rev:1


Petya use the TCP ports 135, 139, 445 atraves dos serviços SMB e WMI.

How to active the Kill-switch?

Petya checks if the perfc file exists in the "C:\Windows" the directory and the drive is hardcoded. The perfc file has no content is just an empty file without extension and only with read permissions.

Source: www.ptsecurity.com
Again it is not recommended to pay the ransom and so far there is still no way to recover the encrypted files.

27 June 2017

Petya or Petwrap ransomware

There is one more ransomware that is taking advantage of the SMB V1 vulnerability and that is spreading worldwide.

If you consult the hastag #ransomware can check that already made some victims.

This is why it is extremely important to update the operating systems not only Microsoft but also Linux and Apple. All systems have vulnerabilities, all systems have flaws so all systems have ransomware. If you don't believe, do a search.

But there's the following problem:

O Petya use NSA exploits "Spreads in internal networks with WMIC and PSEXEC. That's why patched systems can get hit." source: Mikko Hyppone

All recommendations say not to pay the ransom!! The email address used is already blocked and up to the time there have already been 28 victims who made the payment. You can consult the transfers here.

How can I protect you?

The recommendations are:
  1. Disable SMB v1;
  2. Disable WMIC (Windows Management Instrumentation Command-line);
  3. Install all Microsoft patches.

12 May 2017

TUGA IT 2017

It is in next week that TUGA IT will be held from the 18 to the 20 at the Microsoft facilities in Portugal. 

TUGA IT is an event held in Portugal, together with several technical communities linked to Information Technologies with content of Microsoft technologies (Azure, Data, Office 365), Enterprise Integration, Development Methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban), DevOps and much more.

I was one of the selected speakers from a wide range of international and national speakers and thank you very much TUGA IT for having selected me 😃.

I invite you to attend my session “Azure Web Apps again… Wait! It’s in Linux" Which is scheduled for the 19th at 11:30 am in which I will demonstrate the use of the Azure Web App on Linux. Yes you read well Azure Web App service is running 100% on Linux.

Bash Shell in Web App on Linux using Kudu

Azure is cloud service distributed from Microsoft not only includes products of its own brand also includes products from other competing like Google, IBM, Oracle, Red HaT, Seagate, Suse and more. Invited to visit Azure Markteplace at https://azuremarketplace.microsoft.com/en-us to know the available services.

TUGA IT Schedule
You can consult the complete schedule at http://tugait.pt/2017/schedule-overview/.

The first day is dedicated to Workshops from 10€ (https://app.weventual.com/detalheEvento.action?iDEvento=4175) up to 150 € there are still places available. You can consult the workshops available att http://tugait.pt/2017/workshops/

The remaining days are workshops and technical sessions.

Como posso participar?
To participate you only have to register at https://app.weventual.com/detalheEvento.action?iDEvento=4115 . There are two forms of participation:

For more information about TUGA IT visit http://www.tugait.pt/2017

1 May 2017

I already have Microsoft Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions and MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure

I am very happy because I already have the Microsoft Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions certification. 

"This exam is for candidates who are interested in validating their Microsoft Azure solution design skills. Candidates should know the features and capabilities of Azure services to be able to identify tradeoffs and make decisions for designing public and hybrid cloud solutions. Candidates who take this exam are expected to be able to define the appropriate infrastructure and platform solutions to meet the required functional, operational, and deployment requirements through the solution lifecycle."

When consulting the Portuguese with this certification in the Microsoft Certification Profiles I noticed that there are not many and I was very happy.

The best part is that I am too MCSE: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure because I already had the Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions and Implementing Microsoft Azure Solutions.

Microsoft Certified Solutions Expert (MCSE) certification: Cloud Platform and Infrastructure validates the skills needed to manage modern and highly effective data centers with expertise in identity and system management, virtualization, storage, and networking.

The MCSE certification can be obtained as follows:
  1. Obtaining a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate (MCSA).
  2. Obtain approval at one of the following elective exams during the calendar year 2017.
You can find more information on https://www.microsoft.com/pt-br/learning/mcse-cloud-platform-infrastructure.aspx

Would you recommend someone to attend and take the Microsoft certifications?
YES, especially MCSE.

13 April 2017

Microsoft Azure Offer

Microsoft Azure are cloud services distributed worldwide and are increasingly being used.

Microsoft offers a number of programs with benefits for IT Pros, developers and more. On the blog is a page how you can try Azure I refer to the same programs.

O  IT Pro Cloud Essentials changed the offer from 3 months to 12 months with a monthly value of € 25.

With your $25 monthly credit for 12 months, you can bank on a year of these career-building advantages:
  • Free use of cloud services such as Microsoft Compute and Storage
  • Access to backend services for your mobile and web apps
  • Tools and support for IoT, machine learning and analytics

How to register the offer

They can register directly at https://account.windowsazure.com/signup?offer=MS-AZR-0024P using your Microsoft account.

What are the offers available? Are there more offers?
Yes. Azure has several offers and can be consulted the active and inactive offers in https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/support/legal/offer-details/.

To associate the offer you must use the address https://account.windowsazure.com/signup?offer=[Offer number] 

Pay-As-You-Go example: https://account.windowsazure.com/signup?offer=MS-AZR-0003P

7 April 2017

Tech Startup Job Fair Lisboa Spring 2017 at Microsoft

Yesterday at Microsoft's facilities in Lisbon there was tech Tech Startup Job Fair Lisbon Spring 2017.
TechStartupJobs is a partner of the TechMeetups family. That allows young people to have contact with company from start-ups, agencies, Ccnsultancies, small and medium enterprises to large organizations. These companies can post opportunities to attract new employees, partners and co-founders. This wind does not only happen in Portugal and can see the next dates and places in http://www.techstartupjobs.com.

Microsoft is increasingly more open, even sponsoring job fairs. At this event, there were not only Portuguese companies.

Algumas das empresas/startup presentes

Gaming Services
Pengium Formula
Cook 4 me

I can say that it was a full House, people excited and there were funny moments.

More about the event.

Was there any cost?
It had a cost for companies, but not for those who were looking/visit, registration was mandatory like any event.

Were there any job offer constraints on the company's present?
Unfortunately yes, some of the offers had an age limit up to 30 years. Although I am over 30 years old I still consider myself young. 

What kind of offers were there?
Mainly IT offerings, system administrators, C# or Java developers and more.

Does this mean that these events are only for young people?
No !!!

Is it worth going to these events?
Of course yes! For those who know me I'm at almost every public event held at Microsoft Lisbon. It's not because it's free, it's mainly about Networking, conviviality and fun. And I always see people known as António Lourenço and I invited you to visit his blog in http://antoniolourenco.com/.

Where can I check out the upcoming Tech Startup Job Fair?
At the following Internet address http://techmeetups.com/events/category/job-fair/.

I want to thank the Microsoft DX team for getting these events and othersand to continue the good work.

3 April 2017

TUGA IT how to get free tickets

It is not the first time telling about TUGA IT that will be a event at the Microsoft facilities in Lisbon, Portugal, about

  • Microsoft Data Platform
  • Open-Source Data Platform
  • SharePoint
  • Office 365
  • Enterprise Integration
  • Microsoft Azure (both IaaS and PaaS)
  • Development Methodologies (Agile, Scrum, Kanban, TDD, DDD, …)
  • Programming & Professional Development
  • DevOps
  • And much more.

It will be held on May 18-20, 2017.

Event tickets are payable and are available at https://app.weventual.com/detalheEvento.action?iDEvento=4115.

Until day 2017-05-01 has a special price of 10€ from that date the price is 15€.

But there is a way to get your free entry! 

Através do cartão da comunidade

2 months ago the organizers launched the initiative with the community card, which is valid for all those who participate in the meetings of the following groups / technical communities involved. 
You only need to attend 3 meetings and have a proof of how you participated in these communities and will be enough to get a free ticket for the event, please ask the respective groups / technical communities.

But why the ticket price ?
"Since a couple of years, we have been tackling the problem of the people who would register at the events (SQLSaturdays, SharePointSaturday, Tuga IT, etc) and not appear at all. We had situations where well over 50% of the registered people did not appeared. "

Source : nikoport.com

And this has resulted in a waste of food and the people who were on the waiting list did not have the chance because the facilities have a visitor limit

Fortunately, event volunteers are able to distribute excess food to Refood (www.re-food.org) so nothing is wasted.

The end of CodePlex

For people who read the announcements already know that CodePlex will be turned off on December 15 of this Year. For people who have not yet noticed CodePlex 2017-12-15.

Now what are we going to do? Is there a solution?
Yes, let's all switch to GitHub.

What ?  Seriously ?
Yes you can check on the blog of Brian Harry's  in https://blogs.msdn.microsoft.com/bharry/2017/03/31/shutting-down-codeplex/.

"We migrated too.  As many of you know, Microsoft has invested in Visual Studio Team Services as our “One Engineering System” for proprietary projects, and we’ve exposed many of our key open source projects on GitHub (Visual Studio Code, TypeScript, .NET, the Cognitive Toolkit, and more).  In fact, our GitHub organization now has more than 16,000 open source contributors – more than any other organization – and we’re proud to partner closely with GitHub to promote open source."

Microsoft has created a guide how to migrate from Codeplex to GitHub available at https://codeplex.codeplex.com/wikipage?title=Migrating%20to%20GitHub.

2 April 2017

Programar Sartuday 2017


Yesterday was held the event Programar Sartuday 2017 by Programar magazine. Is free Portuguese digital magazine that exists only in digital format and is composed by articles by several Portuguese authors. You can be found at https://www.revista-programar.info/ .

The organization of the event invited me to do a beginner presentation of Windows PowerShell and without thinking twice I accepted.

The event was held at Microsoft's facilities in Lisbon, Portugal and I had the right to a wonderful view as you can check the following video I made before starting the session.

 The presentation of the session is now available and you can view it freely.

16 March 2017

How to publish your Windows PowerShell script in the PowerShell public gallery

PowerShell Logo
PowerShell is more than just a terminal console. It is developed by Microsoft allowing you to manage their products through command lines or scripts. 

One of the great advantages of belonging to Windows Management Framework (WMF) is that it allows access to:
  • Common Information Model (CMI);
  • Component Object Model (COM);
  • Framework .NET;
  • Server Manager CIM Provider;
  • Server Manager WMI provider;
  • Software Inventory Logging (SIL);
  • Windows Management Infrastructure (WMI);
  • Windows PowerShell;
  • Windows PowerShell Desired State Configuration (DSC);
  • Windows PowerShell Integrated Scripting Environment (ISE);
  • Windows PowerShell Web Services (Management OData IIS Extension);
  • Windows Remote Management (WinRM).

But does it have so many advantages?
Yes, in addition to being able to use the .NET framework you can create scripts to do autonomous jobs that can be executed by parameters, which allows the script to be reusable and updatable.

In PowerShell command lines are called cmdlets and are more complex commands. A cmdlet may even be a script that invokes an API call or other cmdlets. You can see the Cmdlet overview at https://msdn.microsoft.com/pt-br/library/ms714395(v=vs.85).aspx .

It is important to know that new cmdlets or features are only available in the latest versions of the operating system. The latest stable version of WMF is 5.1 which includes:
  • New cmdlets: local users and groups; Get-ComputerInfo;
  • PowerShellGet improvements include enforcing signed modules, and installing JEA modules;
  • PackageManagement added support for Containers, CBS Setup, EXE-based setup, CAB packages;
  • Debugging improvements for DSC and PowerShell classes;
  • Security enhancements including enforcement of catalog-signed modules coming from the Pull Server and when using PowerShellGet cmdlets;
  • Responses to a number of user requests and issues;
WMF Compatibility

WMF 2.0WMF 3.0WMF 4.0WMF 5.0WMF 5.1
Windows XP YesNoNoNoNo
Windows Server 2003YesNoNoNoNo
Windows VistaYesNoNoNoNo
Windows 7 SP1YesYesYesYesYes
Windows Server 2008 SP2Yes
(Expect IA64)
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1Yes
(Expect IA64)
Windows 8YesYesYesYesYes
Windows 8.1YesYesYesYesYes
Windows Server 2012 SP1YesYesYesYesYes
Windows Server 2012 R2YesYesYesYesYes
Windows 10YesYesYesYesYes
Windows Server 2016YesYesYesYesYes

As of August 18, 2016 Windows PowerShell became Open-Source which means you can run on MacOS and some Linux distributions. The PowerShell team is using GitHub so anyone can contribute with the project at https://github.com/powershell .

PowerShell Gallery
The PowerShell Gallery is the central repository for PowerShell content. New PowerShell or Desired State Configuration (DSC) commands are present. 

Before you start you must register in https://www.powershellgallery.com/ with a Microsoft account that will be used for publishing.

PowerShell Gallery Login

By accessing your account you can verify that you have an API key and it is this key that is used for submission.
PowerShell Gallery - My Account

Script Creation
Before starting the script you need to create the block that includes the script information with the cmdlet 'New-ScriptFileInfo'.  The block will contain the version, GUID that is automatically generated, author, required information and script dependencies.

If you already have a script created add the PSScriptInfo body at the beginning of the script.

cmdlet New-ScriptFileInfo

Testing the script
The cmdlet 'Test-ScriptFileInfo' checks the comment block if it has an error it will tell you where it is located or how to fix it.

cmdlet Test-ScriptFileInfo

As you can see in the image, no error was displayed and can be sent. The following image has a purposeful error in which a variable is not defined and can not be sent until the error is corrected.

Script publishing
With the tested script you can now publish it to publish you need the API key that you can query in your account.  To publish, use the Publish-Script cmnlet.

Publish-Script -Path <localização do script> -NuGetApiKey <chave API>

An important rule is that the name  of the script must be unique if you try to publish a script with the same ID will return an error and is required to rename the script. 

cmnlet Publish-Script

Manage the script in the gallery
In your Manage My Items account you can manage all submitted modules or scripts. 

You can edit the contents of the script.

The gallery also has the chance to delete the script but is not yet supported by the gallery what it can do is remove the script from the searches.

With successful publishing the script is visible and searchable in the Web Gallery comes as in PowerShell. The gallery hypothesis to save the script without installing with the 'Save-Script' cmldet. If someone wants to install you can use the cmdlet 'Install-Script'.

There is no restriction for publication but you have to be careful that the script or module you want to publish does not contain any sensitive information such as logins, passwords, keys for database links.

Even if the script has passed the tests it is always important to review and test the script before publishing. If it is possible to do it on another machine. 

14 March 2017

Webcast Microsoft Windows Server 2016: the Cloud-ready operating system

On March 16, 2017 you can participate in the Webcast "Microsoft Windows Server 2016: The Cloud-ready operating system" between 16:00 - 18:00 WET through Rumos Live Traning with the trainer Pedro Ferreira Pereira.

This webcast aims to address the Windows Server 2016 news, as well as the course of certification exams to achieve MCSA: Windows Server 2016. 
  • Introduction to exams to achieve MCSA certification: Windows Server 2016.
  • New features of Windows Server 2016.
You can subscribe here: https://www.eventbrite.pt/e/bilhetes-microsoft-windows-server-2016-o-sistema-operativo-cloud-ready-31228289655  .

 The language of the Webcast will be in Portuguese.

Sobre o Webcast 
The Webcast is carried out by the companies of Grupo Rumos , Rumo, Galileu, Flag, Profitecla, Escola Digital Rumos, Escola Professional Braga and Escola Professional Ruiz Costa. 

It's totally free just have to register in the webcast that Eventbrite is used. You can check the previous events here: https://www.eventbrite.pt/o/rumos-s-a-7582499537?past=1 and view the videos in http://www.livetraining.pt/arquivo.html

The webcast uses the Adobe web conferencing platform better known as Adobe Connect and its use is not complicated. You only need to enter the room and take the verification and compatibility test on your computer. To ensure that you can see the video signal and image.

You can ask the speaker all the questions and talk to other participants who are present.

Video and audio quality
It all depends on the speaker's upload. Unfortunately, they do not use a isolated connection for the Webcast. In the last webcast I saw that it was "Be a Game Developer" their upload was so bad that the link was always falling, the voice always failing and it was not possible to follow up with the speaker. Sometimes the speaker did not realize that the voice was not being transmitted and missed a large part of the webcast. 

Even if you can not see the webcast until the end, you will receive an email with  an Internet address that allows you to view the webcast recording, and you may also receive a discount voucher. 

If you want to know more about the webcast of the Grupo Rumos, visit the official web page at www.livetraining.pt.