8 March 2019

Source code for the Microsoft calculator is available on GitHub

Microsoft has made available the source code for their calculator that is included with the Microsoft Windows operating system.

The documentation can be consulted here.

Credits: Microsoft

The source code is available on GitHub: https://github.com/Microsoft/calculator

Anyone can participate in the development of Windows Calculator. According to the following
In addition to reusing and adapting the code in your own apps, anyone can participate in the development of Windows Calculator. Getting involved is simple. The project is “clone-and-go” and development will follow the standard GitHub flow. There are many ways for developers at all stages to contribute:
  • Participate in discussions
  • Report or fix issues
  • Suggest new feature ideas
  • Prototype new features
  • Design and build together with our engineers

The source code is great for anyone who wants to learn how to create applications in XAML even though the programming language used is in C ++.

However it is recommended to have the following requirements::
  • Windows 10, version 1803 or newer.
  • Latest version of Visual Studio.

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