20 December 2016


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I am pleased to announce that the next TUGA IT will be carried out between 18 to 20 may 2017 and is calling the speakers.
What is the TUGA IT?
The TUGA IT is a non-profit association with the aim of promoting the knowledge of the various Microsoft technologies and has the collaboration of the various technical communities.
The first event was held in 2016 at Microsoft in Portugal in present international speakers can consult the list here

How to register and submit a session
First select ‘CALL FOR SPEAKERS’.

In that will show the registration and some of the fields are required. Fill the fields then press "Register" to submit the registration.
After registering you can log in and submit your session on ‘SUBMIT A SESSION’.

After login is required to enter the title of your session if the Abstract is not complete you can always save the draft and finish later. When you have finished you can submit a session.

Attention should submit yours sessions until 1 March 2017.

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