28 December 2018

Is Cloud the answer to everything?

Nowadays many people already say that the cloud or cloud is the answer to everything, that the cloud is the future.

Well, I agree that cloud is the future. If it is the answer to everything?

Many administrators, developers, and even system architects think only of the cloud. But there are many situations where you need to consider using the cloud.

The main thing is the legal issues.
  •     Are there restrictions on putting sensitive data outside the country?
  •     Are there restrictions on placing personal data outside the country?
  •     Are there restrictions on putting data that identifies people outside the country?
  •     ...

The main suppliers of cloud, like Azure, AWS, IBM, Google, among others, does not have datacenters in all countries. This is the main reason that companies cannot use foreign suppliers.

 But there are other issues like:
  •     Is my data really protected?
  •     Will the supplier be able to see my data?
  •     Will the supplier use my data to steal my business?
You may be thinking that the last point makes no sense. But there are many companies that refuse to use Amazon's AWS services. Because you're afraid to provide information to a company that can reuse the same to improve their sales or to create a new sales.

For these reasons and others is that there are still companies that cannot use the cloud or cloud services from foreign suppliers and they are forced to use national services with national datacenters. There is also national suppliers but their datacenters are out of the country.

For example, pharmacists in some countries may not use One-Drive, Dropbox, and others because the datacenters of these services are not in the same country.

The problem with local vendors is that they start calling the cloud their services, for example hosting. But it only has a datacenter, if it fails, there is no availability of service.

These are some of the reasons we can not use foreign suppliers.

Is the cloud the future?

Is the cloud the answer to everything?
Each case is different. We must not ignore all its advantages and combat its disadvantages.

I still hear the following joke. "If your data is in the cloud, it's no longer yours." And that's the main reason business decision makers do not like or want cloud services.

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